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Training and Work Experience

Where a person is undertaking a course of study which necessitates work placement or experience carrying out activities subject to PSA licensing the Private Security Authority requests that the following guidelines on Work Experience/Practice in relation to Training and Licensing Requirements be adhered to by learners, training providers and employers, where the employer carries out PSA licensable activities.

QQI offer security training awards at Major levels which require learners to successfully complete work experience or work practice modules. In relation to these modules, the PSA request that the following guidelines be adhered to by learners, training providers and relevant employers where the employer carries out PSA licensable activities:

  1. The placement should be with a security contractor licensed by the Private Security Authority.
  2. Students are under direct supervision, at all times, of an individual licensed by the Private Security Authority.
  3. The number of work experience/placement days should not exceed 25 days in a calendar year.
  4. Students shall receive no remuneration for the work experience/practice .
  5. The maximum number of work experience/practice posts in a company is 6 or 10% of the licensed employees, whichever is the lesser.
  6. The employer is required to confirm the student status and proposed placement of the applicant with the relevant educational body.
  7. The employer is required to provide an ID badge for each work experience/practice student. [1]
  8. The educational body is requested to provide the PSA with details of work experience/practice. [2]
  9. Work experience/practice must commence and cease during a single academic year.
  10. The PSA will maintain a list of students engaged in work experience/practice, where the educational body provides notification to the Authority. [3]


[1] ID badge to include a staff number (employer internal reference), photograph, date of cessation of work experience/practice and indicate student status. The ID badge remains the property of the employer at all times and should be returned to the employer when work experience/practice has ceased.

[2] Student details : name, PPS Number, staff number (employer internal reference) work experience/practice dates & duration (commencement, cessation and total number of work days) and participating employer details.

[3] List will include name, PPS Number, employer details, work experience/practice duration & commencement/cessation dates, educational body details (name/address), training programme title.