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Recognition of Foreign Qualifications

Under a 2005 EC Directive (DIRECTIVE 2005/36/EC) Ireland has the right to set down the minimum level of qualifications required in relation to eligibility for a PSA individual licence but should not require a person from another European Community state to obtain qualifications where he or she has already obtained all or part of these qualifications in another EC State.

The Directive was incorporated into Irish law by Statutory Instrument (S.I.) 139 of 2008 which came into effect in May 2008.

Under the S.I. the PSA will, where an application is received for recognition of a qualification obtained in another EC Member State, make a determination as to the equivalence of that qualification when compared to the qualification prescribed by the PSA.

If you are coming to Ireland, or are already in Ireland, and have a qualification from another state of the European Community which you wish to submit as evidence of training in support of your application for a PSA licence then you must submit the following documentation;

- proof of nationality
- copies of attestation of competence OR evidence of formal qualifications AND (where applicable) an attestation of professional experience
- information concerning training (to the extent necessary to ascertain possible substantial differences)
- attestation of good character from your home state

The PSA will 

  • acknowledge receipt of the application for recognition within one month of receipt (and will inform the applicant of any missing documentation) and
  • make a decision within 4 months of the completed application being submitted.

Please note that applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the language to enable them practice the profession.

Further information on this Directive can be obtained from the Department of Education and Skills